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Hair Loss Concealers

I have looked around for what is on the market, and I’m surprised to see how many different hair loss concealers there are available. Many of them are actually pretty good based on reviews I have seen, and many are not so good.

There are a few different categories of products. Some are lotions that are the color of your hair and coat the scalp. Some are sprays that do the same thing but can be a lot easier to apply. Then there are also the “sprinkles” that are not necessarily meant to coat the scalp, but rather to bond to your hair to make your actuall strands of hair seem thickter.

Of you are experienceing general thinning of the hair all over, a lotion that you can apply to your scalp may be the thing for you. One example Dermatch. It’s one of the most highly recommended concealers. It’s actually quite effective, and it comes in several colors.

If you have primarily just a bald spot that you would like to fill in, you can do so with just a spray product. Spray products don’t tend to work as well when you are trying to cover a large area, but they work well for small areas. They are very fast to apply and many of them stay on very well. Some examples of good spray concealers are ProThik and HairCubed.

Finally, there are the “hair sprinkles.” These are the weirdest to me, and I don’t know a lot of people who have used them and have actually preferred them over other products. They are pretty messy and hard to apply, because they pretty much require that someone is there to help you make sure you don’t put in on too thick. I personally would rather look bald than have weird sprinkles falling off my head all the time.

In the long run, it’s always better to just have more hair. The best methods I have found for regrowing hair are in my Hair loss Product reviews page. Feel free to check them out and let me know what you think.

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