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Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery sounds a lot more complicated than it really is. It’s basically just a method in which hair from the back of your head is moved to the top of your head where your hair has fallen out. It works primarily because the hair on the back of your head is not predisposed to fall out, so even when it’s transplanted, it will continue to grow.

The benefit of a hair transplant procedure is that you actually get to keep all of your own hair. You don’t have to worry about covering up bald spots anymore, because they can be filled in with your own hair.

The cost of hair transplant surgery varies quite a bit, from about $2 per graft (follicle unit) to up to $15 per graft. More expensive is not necessarily better either, so if you are shopping around, be sure to get multiple quotes.

The number of grafts you need to complete a procedure can be anywhere between 100o and 5000 or more, but most people can get by with just around 2 to 3 thousand. It will take almost a full year before the newly transplanted hair is growing at its full thickness, but many people think it is definitely worth the wait to get your hair back.

If you are worried about the prodedure being long or painful, you dont have to worry. It can take several hours, but most of the time you are asleep for it, and you get plenty of pain killers to help hide the pain well after your procedure is over.

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