Jun 13

Aminexil Side Effects

Aminexil Side Effects

Aminexil is a product made by Loreal that claims to minimize hair loss due to a buildup of collagen at the base of hair follicles. Although it’s not my understanding that a buildup of collagen is in any way the cause of hair loss, I have still had a number of people ask me about Aminexil side effects so I’m happy to address the issue.

After doing quite a bit of research, I have found out a couple of things. One thing is that Loreal only lists one potential side effect of using their product, and that is itching or redness. The other thing I found out is that it’s nearly impossible to get a hold of any Aminexil here in the U.S. It’s apparently confiscated in customs quite often on account of Aminexil not being FDA approved or even registered with the FDA here in the U.S.

Although FDA approval is by no means the only way to know if a product works, it is a very GOOD way to know if it works and what the potential risks are of using the product. I asked around to our blog readers to see if I could get any kind of information on whether or not any of our blog readers have had negative side effects while using Aminexil, and I came up empty. That doesn’t mean nobody has negative side effects; it could just mean that most of my blog readers now use HairIntegro since I usually suggest it to anyone who asks me about it.

Because I live in the United States and would have a hard time getting Aminexil if I wanted to use it, I’m going to stick to just using HairIntegro and Nisim shampoo. I’ve been using both for about 18 months now, and I’ve pretty much regrown all the hair I lost over the previous several years. You can see my personal  before / after pictures here and judge for yourself to see if you think that’s what works.

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