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Does Rogaine Foam Work? Rogaine Foam Reviews

Does Rogaine Foam Work?

Rogaine Foam Reviews

When I first started looking into hair loss products a few years ago, rogaine was one of the first few products I looked into. Of course their newest product is called Rogaine Foam. It’s better than their traditional rogaine because it’s in the form of foam and has very few skin irritants that can cause itching, redness, and irritation. I don’t know the exact specs on how much better it is because I haven’t conducted a study, but our site visitors like it a little more than the old formula.

In clinical studies, Rogaine Foam regrew hair in about 85% of men, which is pretty impressive. That’s why rogaine foam is FDA approved.

Personally, I don’t have anything against Rogaine, which is the brand name for Minoxidil.  I know that minoxidil is one of the active ingredients in the product I use, so I know minoxidil itself works. I’ll get to more of that in a minute. It’s a little on the expensive side, and unfortunately, they don’t offer a money back guarantee. If you’ve used it for 4 months and don’t see results as is the result with 15% of men, then what are you supposed to do? I’ve been through that with some products and it can be frustrating.

So, my experience is that rogaine foam works because it is a 5% minoxidil solution. It works for most people, and has a low occurrence of side effects, which is great. However, by itself, minoxidil is not as effective as it could be with other supplements and ingredients. In my experience (and from getting feedback from our site visitors) has helped me to find out that an oral supplement that helps block DHT is VERY effective for increasing the effectiveness of Minoxidil alone.

I use HairIntegro because of a couple reasons. One is that I liked their return policy when I started using it, and I like to be able to refer people to a product that will offer a great money-back guarantee for their customers in case it doesn’t work. They say 93% of people have success, which is pretty great. The other 7% get 120% of their money back.

The other reason I like HairIntegro is that they have a really great formulation that includes Minoxidil and an oral supplement with TONS of natural DHT blockers. Basically, from my understanding, you get an effect similar to Propecia without having to worry about the negative side effects Propecia can cause.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on Rogaine Foam. It works and it’s good, but I prefer HairIntegro. You don’t have to take my advice, and it makes no difference to me if you do. I’m just trying to help and based on the feedback we get on our site, I’d say we help quite a few people.

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