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DHT and Hair Loss

DHT is one factor that actually affects both men and women when it comes to hair loss. DHT is a hormone that is produced that latches on to your hair follicles and begins to starve them out. Once a follicle has been starved of blood and oxygen for too long, it stops functioning as it should.

DHT is one cause of hair loss that can be treated very effectively using several proven products. Whether you are a man or a woman, these things can help you a great deal

First is minoxidil. Monocidil helps revitalize hair follicles that have been shut down due to DHT overproduction in your body. If you choose to do just one thing for yourself, start using a Minoxidil and you will be glad you did. It’s FDA approved and I can tell you it really works.

Second, there are lots of natrual DHT blockers you can purchase that work very well when they are combined. For example, if you combine saw palmett, uva-ursi extract, pygeum extract, vitamin B6 and zinc, you can pretty much eliminate the overproduction of DHT and can reverse your hair loss even faster than it started.

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