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Hereditary Hair Loss

Hereditary hair loss is most common among men, and a lot of people think that since your hair loss is hereditary there is nothing you can do about it. That’s not true, however, and you can learn to control your hair loss with the right tools.

A lot of people would say that if your mother’s father is bald, you will also go bald. However, that’s not really the case. It can be the case, but it’s by no means the only reason. Your hair loss can come from lots of places in your family tree, so if you start to lose your hair, regardless of who gave you the hair loss genes, start doing something about it!

The lucky thing about hereditary hair loss is that all that means is that your body is producing more DHT than it should, and the DHT in your body is bonding to your hari follicles and causing them to stop working.

There are lots of known DHT blockers, and most of them are very easy to get and start using. Some of them include vitamins B6 and zinc, along with uva-ursi extract and saw palmetto, to name a few. These are the natrual ingredients I use personally.

Monixidil is one thing that actually really effective in helping you combat the effects of DHT and it can really be effective in regorowing your hair by helping get extra nourishment to your hair follicles. This helps revive them and makes them produce hair more quickly and efficiently, thus making your hair thicker.

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