May 04

Hanging Upside Down Hair Loss

Hanging Upside Down and Hair Loss

Most of us have heard about this myth and many of us have actually tried it as well. I don’t blame you or the media for this; I mean desperate times call for desperate measures! Also, there’s no harm in trying something but what about the credibility of it? Does hanging upside down help you prevent hair loss?

The straight forward answer to this question would be that there is no medical or scientific evidence that supports this myth. There have been no clinical trials to test the credibility of hanging upside down so before you hurt yourself, a good idea would be to actually stop doing something so clumsy! I know many people who are physically fit and are involved in a lot of ‘hanging upside down’ but they are absolutely hair less, or should I say bald. Hanging upside down does actually improve the blood flow to the scalp but the problem is that to improve the health of your scalp/hair, there needs to be constant improved blood flow to the scalp. In this regard, a few minutes of hanging upside down won’t have any positive effect on your hair density.

One very dangerous and hypothetical solution would be to sleep upside down like a bat! (Not recommended at all!) Hanging upside down can have a bad impact on your health. You heart has to work extra hard to pump blood to other parts of the body. You can actually damage parts of your brain (Stroke, brain aneurism) due to the increased pressure on your head. A better alternative would be to use Minoxidil which gradually increases blood flow to the scalp without any side effects.

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