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I would like to put in some time to tell you about other hair loss products that I have looked into that did not make the cut for my top 3 list. Check out my top hair loss treatments page if that interests you.

Rogaine ReviewsOne product that of course has been around for a VERY long time is Rogaine. It’s basically¬†one of the¬†first real hair loss products that was FDA approved and it really does work. Lucky for us though, there are lots of other products out there right now that are actually a lot cheaper than Rogaine and work just as well.

Another product that is pretty common now is Propecia. Since it has also been around for a while, it has lots of generic brands that go by the names of finasteride, finpecia, proscalpin, and many others. Lucky for you that just means you can get them a lot cheaper. I personally would rather go with something that doesn’t affect my libido, because that’s one of the major side effects of propecia. I tried it for just long enough to know that I would rather not continue with it.

ScalpMed ReviewsIn the past, there have been a lot of product on TV that have gotten people curious. One such product is Scalp Med. It’s essentially the same as a few other products out there, it’s more expensive, and when I used it, I did not see results. Read my scalp med review for more information. It’s one of the more expensive products I have seen. I have looked into it though, and its ingredients are very similar to those of HairIntegro, which is my top recommended product.

Provillus ReviewsProvillus is yet another product that is similar to HairIntegro. Tanner (one of the writers for this blog) actually has used Provillus for a few months, and he found that it was similar to HairIntegro in that it did give results, but not nearly as fast. You can read Tanner’s Provillus Review here.

Nizoral shampoo is one product that is not actually set aside as a hair loss product, but it does do some great things for hair loss nonetheless. It basically helps keep your scalp extra clean, and therefore it helps your scalp nisim-biofactors-reviewfunction at a more healthy level. I personally use nizoral shampoo off and on, because I would rather use Nisim Biofactors instead. It works wonders and it doesn’t dry out my scalp like nizoral does.

If there are other products you would like to hear my opinion about or if you have any other questions or comments for me or other readers here, feel free to leave comments below.




(And Tanner)

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Hair Loss Products
Out of the hundreds of hair loss products available, here are the few that I highly recommend.

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Rogaine (Minoxidil)

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