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Nioxin For Hair Loss

Does Nioxin Work?

Read This Review to Find Out!

I am surprised how many new “hair loss” products come to market all the time. I’m also surprised at what ridiculous claims some of them make. After all, if you read tons of reviews for hair loss products and none of them seem to be positive, then why would they keep selling it? I have found something I use now that REALLY works well, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

I did try Nioxin for about 2 weeks, and by then I had had enough. They system is apparently designed to “cleanse your scalp” of DHT, which causes hair loss. Then it’s also supposed to make your hair “appear thicker.” Well, all it did for me was make my scalp very dry, irritated, and red. I couldn’t continue using it because it just was too painful.

My main goal when I started using it was to find something simple that would make my hair thicker, since I had been losing my hair for a while. I figured a simple chemical system like Nioxin might do the trick, but I sure was wrong.

Once I decided to stop using Nioxin, I actually decided to do my homework then and check for product reviews. As it turns out, Nioxin tends to irritate most people’s scalps, and lots of people were unhappy with it just like I was. I’m really not trying to just talk bad about Nioxin, but I’m just saying it how it is.

Anyway, after a while, I did find something that does actually regrow hair and doesn’t make my scalp feel like I’ve been in the sun all day with no sun screen. It’s called HairIntegro. I like it because it contains ingredients that are FDA approved to regrow hair, so you know they will work. They have over a 90% success rate with their product, which is phenomenal for hair loss products.

The minoxidil in HairIntegro helps block DHT in your scalp and revitalize your hair follicles so they produce more thick, good-looking hair, but without the negative side effects of Nioxin. The oral supplement of HairIntegro does the same thing, but from the inside. Together, they’ve been really great for me and I’m really happy with the results.

If you are interested in learning more, I’d check out the HairIntegro Website and see if it might be something you are interested in. The price per month is about the same as Nioxin, but based on my experience, it actually works for almost everyone who tries it.

Anyway, good luck!


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