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Scalp Med Review

Scalp Med ReviewDO NOT Buy Scalp Med Until You Read This!

I’ve been around the block a time or two when it comes to hair loss products, and I must say, the time I have taken and the money I have put into hair loss products that DO NOT work has not been exactly pleasant. However, now that I’ve put in the time to learn about hair loss, I’m more than willing to share what I know with other people.

At one point in my search for a successful hair loss treatment, I came across Scalp Med. Keep in mind this was a couple years ago. It looked like a good enough product, since the people in the commercials had nothing but good things to say about it and the before/after pictures really made it look like it worked well.

The one drawback I saw back then was that it cost $160 or something outrageous like that for just a 2 months supply. Now, it is much cheaper (like about $30 for your first two months and $80 for every 2 months after that) but keep reading to find out why I’m no longer using Scalp Med. Anyway, back then I was was not all that excited to have to shell out all of that money. But, I ended up buying it just because I was a little desperate.

After using the product for 4 months, I was actually starting to see results. Not a lot, but some results at least. I could tell it was working just barely. My bald spot in the back of my head started to fill in a little, but I didn’t see any improvement in the front. I was glad to at least see SOME improvement, although I wish it was more noticeable.

The problem came when, after 8 whole months, I needed to take a CLOSE look at what I was getting for my money. I carefully compared before and after pictures of myself. I had spent almost $500 on my treatment, but my results had really leveled off! I had not grown new hair after the 5 month mark.

I was frustrated and annoyed, but this ended up being a good thing for me. After I stopped using Scalp Med because it was just way too much for me to spend for the minimal results I was having, I started to get VERY into hair loss research. Eventually, I came up with some VERY helpful information. As it turns out, scalp med DOES NOT block DHT. You need an oral supplement or medication to do that, and I was very quickly on a hunt for such a product.

Eventually, I found a something called HairIntegro. I was surprised to find that it contains all the same ingredients as Scalp Med does in their topical solution, but the oral supplement is a HUGE bonus. They had all of the top natural ingredients that can help increase hair regrowth in men (and women) who are experiencing hair loss due to DHT. luckily, DHT is the cause of hair loss in 95% of men.

So, I started with my first order and after 2 months, sure enough, I discovered that it was working better than Scalp Med was. Plus, it was significantly cheaper at that time. Even now that scalp med has lowered their prices, HairIntegro is significantly cheaper.

Now, I’m not usually the type of person that will just openly endorse a product like this, because I’m a relatively private person. Regardless, I feel like I need to let people know that I recommend HairIntegro to anyone who wants to overcome hair loss.  It’s a great product at a great price. It’s about $27 a month if you buy a few months at a time, so that’s what I do and it’s great. There’s no need to waste $500 on bad products, only to switch to something that works a little bit later.

Check out the HairIntegro Website for more information and you will most likely be very pleasantly surprised!

Either way, I wish you luck and I hope you are able to begin to regrow your hair sooner rather than later.


[important]This post was updated on November 4th, 2013 with a little additional helpful information. This post was originally written in 2011, but it needed to be updated with accurate pricing information. Thanks![/important]

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