Oct 31

Regaine Foam Review

Regaine Foam ReviewFor some reason I started this post a while back, and I just never got around to finishing it. But, here it is.

For those of you who don’t know, Regaine is the same as Rogaine, but it’s sold outside of the United States. I’m not quite sure why they have different names, but they do. Whatever.

Anyway, Regaine is the only topical treatment approved by the FDA to regrow hair. Please note that that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that works for hair loss. It’s just the only drug that has gone through the clinical trials and has formally been approved by the government to claim that it works for hair loss. The government doesn’t approve anything that’s considered a supplement, such as saw palmetto. For example, manufacturers of prenatal vitamins may not legally be able to say that taking vitamins improves the health of your unborn baby, when in fact that is most definitely the case.

Regaine works for about 85% of men, according to the studies conducted. I’ve seen other studies where Regaine, along with an oral supplement, can work for up to 93% of men.

The bottom line for Regaine foam is that it does work for almost everyone. Not every single person will see the same effects, but I can definitely see from my own experience that Regaine / Rogaine / Minoxidil 5% worked great for me along with HairIntegro supplement. For those of you who don’t know, HairIntegro is a supplement containing several DHT blocking natural ingredients. It comes with a topical minoxidil treatment as well.

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Regaine Foam Reviews
If you're interested in Regaine Foam, read this review before you get started. Trust me, it's worth reading this information.

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