Jun 13

Rogaine for Women Reviews

Rogaine for Women Reviews

Having been a writer on MyHairLossTruth.com for quite a while, I’ve been able to get a feel for how well different products work for our site visitors. Not as many women lose their hair as do men and so it’s a little hard for us to get good feedback about products like rogaine. However, we’ve been able to find a couple of different people who could give us something to work with.

First, there’s Melinda. She’s 47 and started losing her hair about a year ago. She said the following about Rogaine for Women:

“I’ve been using Rogaine for about 4 months. My hair loss came on pretty suddenly and I was pretty surprised by it, but Rogaine has been doing the trick. After 4 months I’ve been seeing some improvement and I’m going to stick with Rogaine for a while into the future.”

I’d say that’s a pretty good result for someone who has been using JUST rogaine and no oral supplement to go along with it. 4 months is pretty early to be seeing good results already. So, that’s one result for you.

Here’s another review I got from a visitor Named Blaire who’s actually using HairIntegro for Women, which is very similar to Rogaine for Women in that it has a 2% minoxidil topical treatment. However, HairIntegro includes a oral supplement that helps regrow even more hair faster. So, here is her review:

“I’ve been using Hairintegro for about 8 months. I didn’t see much change in my first 2 months, but after than I noticed plenty of improvement. Even now I’m still noticing improvement. At this rate, I should be back to normal in a few more months.”

Once again, pretty impressive results. I know technically she’s using HairIntegro (since it’s what I normally recommend to people who ask) but it does still include a 2% minoxidil solution PLUS an oral supplement. So naturally, I’d say it’s a good idea to look into it if you are curious about it. It doesn’t make a difference to me if you use it or not, but at LEAST look into some minoxidil product if you’re wanting to see some improvement.

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