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Rogaine Reviews for Men

Rogaine Reviews for Men

Read This Before Buying Anything!

I think I talk about Rogaine or at least minoxidil more than just about anything. I’m pretty happy with minoxidil and I’d recommend it to anyone that has hair loss and who has not had negative side effects while using it. It’s not common that people do have negative side effects, so really everyone should at least try it. Keep in mind though, it’s not the ONLY thing that works for hair loss! I’ll tell you what I mean by that in just a moment.

Minoxidil, the active ingredient in Rogaine, is the only FDA approved topical solution for hair loss. There are other supplements and natural ingredients that help to stop hair loss and block DHT, but minoxidil is the only thing that’s actually FDA approved.

If you’re a woman suffering from hair loss, the 2% minoxidil solution is FDA approved for you. Men can use as high as 5% minoxidil solution. There have been companies out there making up to 15% minoxidil solution, and some of them have been claiming it’s FDA approved. That is not the case. Using a higher concentration of minoxidil has not been proven in a laboratory setting to be safe, and you should therefore stick to an FDA approved formulation for safety reasons.

I’ve seen as high as Minoxidil 15% available for purchase, but concentrations this high are not really safe to use, plus they are getting a whole lot harder to find anyway.

If you are planning on really doing what you can for your hair, I would recommend a couple of things. One thing is using minoxidil. Try to stay away from cheaper forms of minoxidil as they are more likely to cause skin irritation. The other thing is using an oral supplement or Propecia to help you lower levels of DHT in your bloodstream and therefore help you to reverse your hair loss.

Like I said, rogaine / minoxidil is not the only thing that works for hair loss, so make sure you branch out and use something that works well along with minoxidil.

If you’re worried about potential negative side effects of Propecia as many men are or if you are a woman who obviously can’t take propecia, I’d say to find another treatment like HairIntegro, which is what I use. I’ve been happy with it and the company that sells it is legit. They offer a great 120% refund policy and they are great when working with customers. I refer all my friends to them.

So to sum it up, does Rogaine work? Yes, it works for about 85% of people that use it. But, it’s not the only thing that works, so find an oral supplement too to go along with it.

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