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Nisim Biofactors Review

Nisim Biofactors is one of the products I found accidentally, and I really like it because I have to use shampoo anyway so I may as well use Nisim shampoo that helps me grow my hair faster and thicker.

I’ve found that Nisim Biofactors shampoo is really just one of the easiest and fastest working products on the market, but it does have its limitations. When I started using it, it was a couple years ago and a friend of mine told me to try it because he said it had helped him to regrow his hair. I tried it for a couple weeks and I could tell after just a couple of weeks that it was losing a LOT less hair in the shower.

After a month or so, my hair definitely looked a lot thicker, but then after about 2 months, it pretty much just stayed constant and didn’t continue to improve as far as the thickness of my hair, but it did continue to at least make my hair grow a little faster than when I was off of it, plus as long as I was using it, my hair loss rate slowed way down.

Nisim Biofactors contains almost all of the same ingredients that are in the HairIntegro oral supplement, and for that reason, I know they work. The good thing about it is that you can get them to work even faster if you are taking an oral supplement along with a topical shampoo at the same time, because you are attacking your hair loss problem from 2 angles and will definitely see more success that way.

I still use Nisim Biofactors even now that I am using HairIntegro, because I feel like it helps to speed up my results.

The same guy that referred me to Nisim shampoo is now using HairIntegro as well, and he says that he has found that is also helped speed up the effectiveness of HairIntegro.

So, to anyone who wants to regrow their hair, I would say to go with HairIntegro for sure, and if you want to regrow your hair faster, combine HairIntegro¬†with Nisim Biofactors and you’ll see results in no time.

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