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Procerin Review

Procerin is ranked at 3rd place because it is an effective product, but I can’t say that it’s as effective as anything else I have tried. I would also say that personally, I didn’t think it was worth the investment.

I first started using Procerin a few months into my fight against hair loss, and I found that although it was effective, my results pretty much plateaued after about 4 months and I didn’t get any better after that. I’m not completely certain as to why that is, but I’ve got a pretty good idea.

Procerin has a topical solution and an oral supplement, much like HairIntegro. However, the topical solution does not contain minoxidil, but rather, it is more of just the same ingredients that are in the oral supplement. I guess the idea is that if you use the natural supplements as both a topical solution and an oral supplement, you will get better results. Although I agree with that, I do not agree with leaving out the minoxidil just for the sake of making it “all natural.”

Since minoxidil is the FDA approved topical solution that HairIntegro uses, that would mean that HairIntegro┬áhas that much of an “edge” over any product that is not also FDA approved.

So, I personally will continue to stick with HairIntegro, because I know it works and I know it’s FDA approved. There are plenty of people out there who feel that Procerin is best because it is all-natural. It’s up to you, but you know what I would choose if I were you!

Anyway, best of luck to you and feel free to comment or ask questions below.

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